Friends! I really appreciate all the effort everyone is doing now to fight the COVID-19. It’s amazing to see how the whole world comes together to fight for the same cause.

I just whish we could make the same effort for our planet, our home. The only home we have and which without it wouldn’t matter if we are sick or not.
The planet is in big trouble, and we are the ones who put it there.
Yes, it is true that the global temperature can vary naturally on earth. BUT not at this speed. With all the greenhouse emissions we let out into the athmosphere every day there is no doubt it affects our planet. This cause the ices to melt quicker every year, with losses of habitats and homes disappering as a result.
In only 40 years we have extinct 60% of our mammals.

With that said, my belief is and has always been “Ok we have problems, so let’s fix them!” Now when we know the facts, the time for pointing fingers is over, and time for action is starting!

I made a list of 6 things we can do for our planet (and thus ourselves), starting today!

Stop consuming

Modern marketing is cleaver, very cleaver. The industry WANTS us to buy their products. That is why we get fed with how our life will improve, how happy we will become and what a good oppurtunity it is to buy their specific product. Many times they make us shop on impulses, to buy that thing that we didn’t really know we wanted until we saw it. But the truth is, we humans are made to hoard. That is how we used to survive. But today, in a developed country, we don’t need to hoard to survive, so don’t let you 10 000 year old brain trick you into believing that.

We need to stop consuming, and actually use the things we already bought, until it breaks, and then try to fix them! If you got bored with the product, sell or give it away to someone who might need it, to prevent further production of something that already exist. IF you find yourself looking at yet another sweater in a clothing store, stop for a while. Take a picture of it and go home. Wait 7 to 28 days. Do you still want that sweater? Do you NEED it? Or was it your 10 000 year old hoarding brain speaking? 😉

The key words are REUSE, FIX, BORROW and at the very end RECYCLE

Less meat, a more happy planet

Before you close the browser in fear of loosing your right to enjoy a meal of meat, let me explain.
Today we know that in order to feed our 7.8 billion growing population we need to keep a lot, and I mean A LOT, of livestock. Instead of keeping it in small herds as back in the days, we squeeze thousands of animals together in too tiny areas to make them fit. We don’t really treat them with respect (but that is another story), we use up huge areas of land and water to grow the food that we are feeding them. This takes up twice as much land areas since we first have to grow food to feed the animals that we want to feed on, instead of growing that food for ourselves instead of for the animals.
By doing this we create huge areas of wastelands where only one or two species can live, depriving other species of their natural habitat. We also cut down rainforest to make room for the humongous herds of livestock.
And on top of that these animals produce loads of greenhouse emissions, more correctly estimated to be 14% of all greenhouse emissions from human activities.

Don’t worry you can still eat meat…

I choose to be pescitarian and include a variety of good veggies, nuts and seeds and feel completely fine. And I used to love meat, I still love the taste. But I just think the health of the planet we live on is more important than my taste buds 🙂

Many scientists recommend a sort of mediterranean similar diet, mening eat red meat once a week, two days with chicken and two days with fish. That means you can still eat meat, only less, but in a way more responsible way and by doing that help the planet loads! My tip would be to choose wild meat or ecologically and ethically produced meat when you do eat it. Choose chicken from local farmers where they have lived a happy life outdoors, and buy MSC certified fish to prevent overfishing.
And don’t forget to implement loads of tasty nutrient veggies of ALL colors on you plate. The more color, the more nutrients you will get to boost that body of yours. Who knows, maybe you too will become more plant based in the future and less of a carnivore? 🙂

Buy ecologically

There is a lot talk about food now, I know. But food is something that we need and consume on an every day basis. That is also why what we eat affects our planet so much.

Many reports are coming in now about losses of the most tiny of the planets little helpers. I am talking about the insects, and even more specific, our bees. Without them there will be no pollination, meaning no food for us. Yes it’s true! We cannot get any food if there are no pollinators.

We need to do all that we can to keep our pollinators!

Here is what you can do

  • Buy ecologically! It’s only a few coins more expensive, but makes such a difference for our planet. Buy supporting eco friendly farmers, we make sure there are no pesticides killing our bees, poisoning the soil or giving us cancer. That is worth a few more coins, right?
  • If you have a garden, grow flowers! As many as you can in as much varieties as you can.
  • Build or buy insect hotels. Since we don’t have as much old trees in our modern forests today, there are no homes for our insects. Let’s provide new home for them to thrive in!

Love, Lisa

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