How are you? Welcome back and I hope you are ready for part two of things we can do for our planet to keep it more healthy, starting today!

We have already gone through the top three things we can improve in the last post which you can find here if you missed out on it last week 🙂

Number four you can do for our planet, starting today is

Support and get involved with a nature organisation

Yes, it doesn’t have to be more complicated or expensive than that. Fact is you can support many organisations through auto giro for just a small amount per month. And the thruth is it REALLY makes a difference, because those organisations do so much to protect our species and our nature.
So if you have the economy for it I suggest you support one or more nature organisations to help them with their missions! I will link some of them down below to help you get started 🙂





I teamed up with WWF Indonesia in 2014 to help them document the last 2000 Sumateran elephants and have been supporting their important job since then!

Pick up plastic

I know it sounds like such a tiny thing to do for our planet. But the fact is that if we do it all together it is going to make a great impact! There are many organisations around the world that doesn’t only create events for picking plastic but that also support you with gear that you might need! One of those based here in Sweden is Håll Sverige Rent.
Why not join together with some friends, do a picnic, bring the dog, your grandma and go to the coast with some sturdy gloves and bags and pick as much plastic and waste as you can find. Not only do you then prevent micro plastics ending up in our oceans, into the fish and eventually into our bodies. But you also contribute to a more safer environment for animals to not get stuck in the plastic waste!

During Earh hour on Sumatera, Indonesia, WWF and I took on the mission to clean up plastic and engage the people living in this village to do the same
It was a tough task, and we couldn’t remove all the plastics, but we made a great difference!

Spread awareness!

Lastly in this series of good things you can do for our planet, easily, starting today is about the power of the word. One thing that seperates us from other mammals is our ability to communicate with spoken and written words. And imagine how important that ability has been throughout the history of man kind. Now it is up to us, you and I, to use this ability, this super power, for something good. And together with this amazing digital era we are now living in there are no boundries for how far we can spread our message!

Use your voice, in speech or in text, spread the awareness, feel free to share this post, and affect people around you to start doing one (or more) good things for our planet today!

Love, Lisa

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