During the COVID-19 many people find themselves having less money than they are used to. Some might even have lost their income completely.
Now, more than ever, it’s a good time to look through the economy.

And if you are new here on the blog. First, big welcome! I hope you’ll enjoy your stay here 🙂
So why would a wildlife photographer talk about economy?
You see, for me, saving money is not only a way to secure my future or to feel wealthy. For me it is more about buying less, or buying products with quality that will last a long time to not put extra stress on out planet.
And when it comes to groceries, to shop mindfully, to buying ecologically, without pesticides or antibiotics to keep both our planet and ourselves healthy.

Every time we purchase a product, we have to consider the amount of energy used producing it, the effect it had on the environment and the carbon dioxide footprint it made from being packaged and transported.
That’s how being economic and mindful of what you buy also can have a positive effect on our Planet!

So how can you be more mindful with your money?
Well, let’s start with the things that we REALLY need and that we shop regurarly. That’s right, our groceries!

In Colombia there is a saying: “bueno, bonito, barato”, which means when going shopping, don’t stop until the you’ll find the product that is both good, look good/fresh and also cheap.
I believe that, especially in Sweden, where economy is fairly good, many times we tend to choose to shop at the stores we grew up with or the closest option, although there might be a cheaper one just around the corner.

So my tip to both save money and to shop smart is to do a comparison for where you shop your groceries. In Sweden you can check your local prices on this page. Or do as I did, tried one new store each week, saved the reciepts and compared 🙂 By doing this, we can enjoy good, healthy, environmentaly friendly food and still have money left in our wallet for more fun things and in the same time keep our planet more happy!

Psst! During this pandemic it is also important that you support your local favourite store, since times are harsh for all business owners. Shop locally, from close by farms and let’s help out together!

Love, Lisa

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