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How to afford a life on the road

How many out there is constantly dreaming away from their daily life?
Maybe now more than ever before?
As a wildlife photographer I have the privilege to travel within my job (although I try not to fly too much to reduce my carbon footprints) So when I do travel I stay and try to do as much work as possible for as long time as I can. But that being said, I, as well as my fellow travellers need to support our travels somehow. So how do we do it?

  • First, an important factor is PRIORITIES. To be able to explore the wonders of our amazing planet you might need to cut down on some luxury while getting there. It’s all about changing the mindset.
  • Skip the restaurant dinners, and cook your own food. Don’t worry you I’m sure you can still make it cozy πŸ™‚
  • Go through your stuff, is there anything you can sell?
  • Leave the car and go by bike, it’s good for both you wallet, our planet and your health!
  • When you feel the urge to shop, write it down or take a photo with your phone. Do you still want it after one week or one month?
    Most of our shopping is impulsive and made up to waste our money.
  • Birthday gifts might not have to be stuff, do they? How about doing a picknick, a roadtrip or an outdoor adventure instead for your friend? I promise that will create more memories than any common gift!
  • Cut down on subscriptions! Are you paying for magazines, memberships that you don’t use? Maybe it’s time to cancell some of them?
  • Do an economic plan! Write down all your expenses the last 6 months and track what you put in food, shopping and other stuff. I know it can be scary, but once you keep track of your expenses I promise it will get so much easier to live an economic life without cutting down on the good stuff.

I hope these tips were helpful and that you can start saving for your dream trip right away! Until then, I want to share with you one of my trips to the Carribbean which was made possible thanks to the determination to save my money to go there.

Love, Lisa

Bonaire is one of many islands in the Carribbeans.
Here you can really relax, enjoy the local community which is no bigger than 15 000 people. But there is also a donkey preservation center dedicated to nurse for injured or abused donkeys. Guess where I spent most of my time..? πŸ™‚

I have no words to describe the feeling when I was snorkeling and this mighty giant slowly passed by me <3

Magical sunsets and eatable flowers! When being on the road, soak it all up! The sunsets, the sunrises, get out of your comfort zone and try food you never tasted, get to know the locals and enjoy life.

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