Now you might wonder, why would a wildlife photographer write a post about minimalism?
Well, it’s quite easy. My whole life style is to put as little footprints as possible on the world I love to photograph. By consuming less and more responsible I can do just that. For me, it’s not only about influencing, but by doing. And this is something I, and many more, can start with today!

You probably stumbled upon the quite modern word “minimalism” on many social medias and Youtube channels already.
But what is it about that make so many people change their life style?
Is actually removing stress or is it just yet another hype?

I have always been a person against change. “Everything has always been that way, and so it shall stay”. The older you get though, you realize that is not even possible.
Working as wildlife photographer and visual content creator, always on the go. My many expeditions during the past seven years thought me to only live by what I had in my backpack. And that was a game changer for me!
I soon realized I didn’t miss all the other clothes left hanging in my closet, nor the luxuries of belongings that filled up my home to keep me busy from truly living my life. I realized, that for me, less really is more.
And the best part, the less I bought, the less pressure I put on our planet!

And even though this is something I understood years ago, the process of getting rid of “memories”, and valuables took some time, and I think it had too. Only get rid of things when you are truly ready, otherwise the whole minimalism life style can be a real bummer.

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So what did I learn, starting to live a more minimalistic, or should I say functualistic, life style?

-With less belongings I don’t have to organize or clean as much, giving me more free time to do other more fun things!

-I used to feel really bad for not playing on all my retro video games (yes it’s true, as if they had feelings, haha!). And I always thought selling them would be regretful. But you know what, I haven’t missed them at all since I sold them. Hence, less “toys”, less stress for not using them.

-As a business owner my mind is often cluttered with new projects and things to do. To have a declutter free home, helps me stay stress free.

MONEY! Maybe I should have mention this at the top, but by selling “stuff” I didn’t use that much I actually got a little bit more than € 2000 (!)

-Since I know now that I only have the things I really need and really use, I am more mindful of what I bring into my home in the future. That means I shop only if something breaks or I really need it, usually for my company. This does not only save me money, but also puts less strains on our planet.

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So how can you start?

Start with ONE area in your home, do not start with everything at once, that will probably get you overwhelmed. I will give you a good start for now (more will follow) below to get you started, so big good luck to you and I hope that a more minimalistic life style will have as positive effect on you as it did for me.
And if so, for sure our planet will thank us for cutting down on over consumption!

  1. The Wardrobe
    Go through all your clothes and sort out the broken ones, see if they can get fixed otherwise send them to recycling to become new clothes.
    The ones that doesn’t fit or you haven’t used for months, give them to a friend, swap for something else with a friend, try to sell, or give to charity.
    Try to keep a capsule wardrobe, meaning colors that will fit together. In that way you can create mor combined outfits with less pieces of clothes!
    Try to cut down on your pieces as much as possible by only owning 2-3 pieces of dresses or suits, around 4-7 pair of trousers, 7 tops or t-shirts and 3-4 sweaters. The less you have, the more you will probably use them, it will be easier to find what you need in your wardrobe and will be less stressful in the morning!
    Lastly, try to organize them by color. In that way it will be easier and more appealing for your eyes to find the right item.
Picture borrowed from Unsplash

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