I have always been what some would call, a free spirit. I am always most happy when being on the road, travelling, meeting new people, gaining new experiences. That is how I grow and how I fall more and more in love with our planet.

That also means that I am comfortable leaving my home in Sweden and manage very well with whatever I have in my backpack.
I have seen how friends have bought apartements and houses, and “settled down”, whereas I still have that itch to discover more and more. Don’t get me wrong I am very happy for my friends, and I have no problems relaxing in one place for a while. But staying put in one place just doesn’t feel right for me, when I want to call the whole world my home.
So for the last years, (five I think), I have been thinking more and more on alternative homes. I have been going through everything from living in a tent, hammock, tiny house, tiny house on wheels, but always landed in a campervan.
With that decided it took around five years of planning, saving money, discussing with family and friends (I am so grateful for all of you have being listening for hours on my thoughts, you are the best!)

So last sunday I told my boyfriend I have found a van up north in Sweden, 16 hours by train. On monday we packed our bags and took the train up with varied expectations. Even though I am a positive spirit that was hopeing it would be perfect, it was a big decision, with a lot of money involved, so I had to be aware maybe it wasn’t as good as I hoped.

But once there I had a good feeling, call it connection with Daisy, the van.
And after having both my boyfriend’s brother on camera link in Colombia and my brother in law on camera link in Sweden, checking every milimeter of the car, I made the decision to buy it. I started to bargain the price and got it 12000 SEK cheaper!

Happy as a child on Christmas day we started the long journey (adventure) back home from north to south. On the way we stopped by some of our friends along the road and swam in cold rivers and warm lakes. We stayed up all night together with the sun that never set, sharing stories, laughters and were enjoying that freedom of being on the road exploring Sweden. Exactly everything I wished for when buying a home on wheels.

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