In Sebangau National Park, Borneo, I documented, together with WWF -Kalimantan, the orangutan and its habitat that is endangered by the growing number of oil palm plantations and gold mining that is constantly taking land from the valuable lowland swamps the rain forest where orangutans live today.
The team from WWF Kalimantan is a group of about 30 people who daily documents and follow the orangutans in the National Park. At 3 o’clock in the morning they set off in the dark rainforest with headlamps to track and try to find orangutans. At 6 am the back to eat breakfast and then go out again at 9-thicket and then spend the rest of the day to observe the orangutans they found.
The orangutan lives alone (or with her young), and moves about 8 km a day. They build temporary övernattningsbon high up in a tree crown and moving the day after in pursuit of the many fruits that are high up in the canopy.
WWF Kalimantan note what separates the individuals ate and name them (but GPS do not notice them because they do not want to disturb their natural life patterns), note what fruit they eat, GPS, select the tree where they spend the night and eat and constantly statistics to thus learn how best to protect this magnificent creature!

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