Lisa Sihlberg is a nature conservation photographer, film maker and climate storyteller. She has documented the endangered elephants on Sumatra, wild orangutans and the last rainforests on Borneo. With the camera as a weapon, Lisa reveals the threats to our nature and species daily, and teaches the importance of preserving our amazing planet. She is also Sweden’s first ambassador for Tamron and a Sony Pro Shooter.

Contact info[at] for photo & film assignments, digital communication or inspirational lectures & workshops on nature & sustainability!

As a lecturer, Lisa touches on topics that cause most of us to worry, even though she does it happily and with a twinkle in her eye. She highlights the positive in the subject and mixes with beautiful images to create a joy and desire in taking care of the planet. Anyone who has listened to one of Lisa’s lectures goes home with a lustful sense of being able to influence the future.

As a digital creator, Lisa mixes magical images & stories from places around the world with knowledge of nature & solid everyday tips in sustainability & environment. With humor & energy she inspires us to live both healthier and climate smarter, for our own & our planet’s sake.

”Lisa made a fantastic contribution as a conferencer at NATURE PHOTO DAY in Västerås in 2019. A very professional and enjoyable implementation that was permeated with knowledge and interest in all areas and lecturers. Lisa was appreciated by visitors, lecturers and exhibitors alike. To our great joy, Lisa thanked and agreed to come back as a 2020 conference.” -Conny Jonsson, Camera Natura

”Thank you for a very important lecture, want to give you an eloge for your work and the feeling you delivered. Will follow your continued work, will also increase my support for nature and diversity.”
-Magnus Henningsson, audience