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Wild Norway

This summer has been weird. Very weird. But you all know that already so there is no use in going into all that crazy pandemic that we all been very aware of in the year of 2020.

In the heart of Amazonas

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For as long as I remember I have loved our nature. And as a kid I was glued to the TV, amazed by the rainforests of the world, dreaming to one day go there.

The secret nature of Colombia

A while ago I found myself once again in Colombia. This amazing country that offers so diverse culture, where the lifestyle is an endless fiesta although times can be scarce.

On a boat in the Arctic

Even though I am born and raised in Sweden I have spent way too little time in the northern parts of the world and have instead explored the rainforests of the south. It was time for a change.

Expedition Colombia

My recent expedition went to Colombia, this beautiful country that is finally starting to get back on its feet after years of oppression and violence by criminal groups struck fear in the population. Not only is it an extremely friendly and exciting culture, but a country with incredible various nature. Since I came directly from Costa Rica …