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Expedition Costa Rica

In the southern part of Costa Rica, the OSA Peninsula, lies the Corcovado National Park. It has one of the most biodiverse rain forests on this planet. In this area, only sustainable hotels can establish themselves and the energy they get from their own solar panels. I worked with Lana Wedmore at the eco hotel …

Expedition Iceland

For five days, I experienced Iceland’s amazing, changing landscape with my mother. From volcanic plains, moss-covered mountains, between rain showers and rainbows, we together created memories for life in a nature that cannot be described in words. During the week I also documented how the humpback whales have finally increased in number since Iceland banned …

Stay Wild Lofoten

Together with the Norwegian nature photographer Lina Kayser and Finnish nature photographer Kaisa Lappalainen I started Stay Wild Collective.

Expedition Sebangau

In Sebangau National Park, Borneo, I documented, together with WWF -Kalimantan the orangutan and its habitat that is endangered by the growing number

Expedition Sulawesi

The Celebes macaque lives on the volcanic island of Sulawesi, Indonesia. It is completely black. Why? Well, because Sulawesi is a volcanic island that is completely covered with black smoking hot sand. Here is a fantastic rainforest that opens into a sea filled with corals and incredible animals.

Expedition Tesso Nilo

During the expedition to Sumatra I documented aftereffects of rain forest destruction due to oil ore production together with the WWF -Flying squad.