A while ago I found myself once again in Colombia. This amazing country that offers so diverse culture, where the lifestyle is an endless fiesta although times can be scarce. It’s a country where life is appreciated and where people take care of eachother.

When searching for information about Colombia you will be presented with a colorful lifestyle, carnivals and a busy city culture. But you won’t find a lot about the amazing nature the country has to offer. That, of course, is because the jungles for many years has been occupied by the guerilla. Now when they have surrendered, a whole new side of Colombia has opened up. A part full of untouched rainforest, amazing creatures and beauiful beaches. In other words, the secret wonders of Colombia is now open to anyone who wants to explore something more than the lovely atmosphere that the country is made up by.

So let’s take a closer look at places like Tayrona, La Danta, Estación Cocorná, enjoy!


Canon EOS R
Tamron 100-400 f/4-5.6
Tamron 70-200 f/2.8 G2
Tamron 15-30 f/2.8 G2
Lowepro Powder 500 AW

Outnorth/Urberg Skandinavien

Did you know that one can actually find wild hippos in Colombia?
Yes, it’s true! But of course they are not supposed to be there. When the “drug king” Pablo Escobar was killed, his personel took care of his property that contained lots of exotic animals, including hippos. But, they broke free and escaped into the wild. Since the climate is perfect for them and because they have access to so many rivers, the hippos thrive here. Is this good for nature? Probably not, but hopefully they can eventually be a natural part of it, let’s see what the future holds.

We visited the turtle retreat of Estación de Cocorná where the villagers are doing their best to research and preserve the many native turtle species living in Colombia. One of the big old lady turtles had been rescued from an amusement park, and with only three legs she has reached the impressive age of 94. Even though she obviously can not be released into the wild again, like the other turtles on the center, at least she will live in peace for the rest of her life.

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